So what teams/sports does College Fantasy Update cover?


  • all 131 FBS teams are covered
  • the primary fantasy/DFS skill positions are covered – QB, RB, WR, TE – with perhaps the occasional kicker. Defensive positions are NOT covered


  • 9 “major” conferences are covered – ACC, American, Atlantic 10, Big 12, Big 10, Big East, Mntn West, Pac 12, SEC
  • outside of those 9 conferences other Top 25 relevant teams such as Gonzaga & BYU, or others that emerge will also be covered
  • teams from other conferences appearing on DFS slates may also receive daily coverage although may not be listed in the database
  • Transfer news from across the NCAA is also covered

Why College Fantasy Update, aren’t there already other places to find injury and roster information?

  • There are numerous outlets attempting to capture college status updates, but since schools aren’t required to provide reports, information can be elusive and it is challenging for any one site to have all the most updated information. Just like the information is better when a school or team has multiple beat writers, so I believe we are all better served by multiple outlets reporting updates & injury news
  • Any given site has specific areas of focus as well as strengths and weaknesses, CFU hopes to improve upon what can be found elsewhere, specifically for player availability and injuries for college football and basketball
  • Anyone paying close attention to twitter can tell you that some other outlets appear to frequently use the information that CFU finds/quotes to update their player information
  • When @FBSFantasyFoot and @NCAAFantasyHoop started I was amazed by the number of people who followed, so I believe there is a need as well as a trust in the processes CFU has built. I know the basic process by which the injury statuses are updated on the fantasy/DFS sites, I am utilizing similar methods and sometimes may be influencing what you see on those sites.

Why are your player statuses sometimes different than what I might see elsewhere?

  • Sometimes CFU’s information is more up to date that what you see elsewhere, as some services/sites may not clean up their lists regularly/thoroughly
  • Sometimes I interpret information differently as I often see multiple reporters sharing information which adds nuance or detail
  • I will sometimes use less-common injury designations such as quest/doubt which I feel gives better insight or a lean on what I am seeing
  • Although updated frequently, content on the CFU website may not yet reflect real-time updates shared via Twitter

What if I think the information I see here may not be accurate?

  • If you feel you have seen information from a verified source please tag us on twitter or use the Contact Us form to send a link to the information so I can make potential updates
  • Sometimes teams intentionally don’t release injury information or are vague with player updates so as to surprise their opponents, that is one reason why I live-tweet pregame
  • Twitter allows for real-time updates whereas articles or documents posted on a webpage inherently are bound by time, please use the databases and daily updates as a guide for the day then follow on twitter for any live game-day updates
  • We make every effort to provide the most accurate and timely information possible, but ultimately the information can only be as good as to the level teams and coaches are transparent. Unfortunately some coaches appear to intentionally withhold information or make comments/decisions that appear to mislead. Also sometimes injuries happen at the last minute – the decisions you make with this information are your own!